Follow-up Comment #3, bug #19729 (project freeciv):

Patch needed a little tweak; new (tested) ones attached.

So this installs to locations like /usr/local/etc/freeciv/database.lua. I
guess that makes sense; we're saying the server operator might want to tweak
this, so Debian would probably treat it as a conffile and put it in /etc (in
fact I've updated README.packaging to suggest this).

I agree we can live without a way to override the "system" database.lua for

So, this seems like a reasonable position for 2.4, thanks. I can do something
dirty to get round the lack of Lua os.time() and thus complete the SQLite

For 2.5, any objection to lifting some or all of the restrictions on the Lua
instance used for luasql?

(Perhaps the path change should be in its own ticket, leaving this one for the
wider discussion.)

(file #16014, file #16015)

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