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Patches attached, at long last. Apart from the obvious, notable changes:
* Database/table creation is via a Lua function (invoked at the server prompt:
/lua fcdb sqlite_createdb())
* Don't rely on :numrows() method, as SQLite backend doesn't support it for
some reason
* Remove MySQL-specific SQL syntax
* Update README.fcdb for all this, including strong encouragement to use
SQLite for new installations
* Non-SQLite stuff:
** MySQL bug fix: 'port' was not honoured
** Don't spew potentially-sensitive SQL queries all over the server logs
** Less chatter at log_normal level
** Some general updates to README.fcdb

The S2_4 version additionally mentions this in README.packaging, and
encourages packagers to build in SQLite support.

(file #16028, file #16029)

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