On Sat, 2012-07-07 at 14:40 +0200, Jacob Nevins wrote:
> ** Is automake 1.8 an onerous requirement? It only affects people building
> from svn or regenerating configure etc. Do these specific changes affect
> anyone who doesn't actually run "make dist"?

linux distributions are using the tarball produced by that "make dist".
i think you are right. it belong to release manager, that is you.

Packagers(like the one building *.RPM file) would appreciate to have
a release-note files.
* WANT_AUTOMAKE in autogen.sh is depreciated and will be remove in
  next release.

Which would be copy in the package release note of the packaged RPM.
ChangeLog is not something packagers want to read.

> *** (As current release manager, I seem to have automake 1.11.1, and am
> unlikely to regress.)

i agree.

but many distributions have compatibility automake
for fedora 17
automake14 -> Version     : 1.4p6
automake17 -> Version     : 1.7.9
which are probably older than you

> ** Perhaps we're relying on it already? I notice a reference to
> "WANT_AUTOMAKE=1.8" at the top of autogen.sh (labelled as a Gentoo kludge).

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