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Follow-up Comment #4:

I wrote:
> If you remove [NoVeteran], you run into the problem that 
> Barracks will promote a Worker, which you might not want.
Tosh. Barracks already have nreqs for NonMil, so Workers/Engineers won't be
built Veteran.

Attached patch sorts this out, and gives Engineers the same levels. (I've left
Settlers as NoVeteran.) I've toned down the effect (max 1.5x work rate) and
arranged that they shouldn't get promoted through combat.

The resulting autogenerated help is, unfortunately, a pack of lies:
* "Will be built as a veteran in cities with appropriate training facilities
(see Barracks)."
* "May be promoted after defeating an enemy unit."
but that's a matter for other tickets.

(file #16037)

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