Summary: Nationality of citizens visible to all players?
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            Submitted by: jtn
            Submitted on: Sun Jul 15 01:39:24 2012
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Currently, only a city's owner can routinely see its cultural makeup if
nationality is enabled. This information would be useful to other players --
if a foreign city contains many of your citizens, it's worth sending spies to
incite it cheaply. A dedicated player could probably maintain a reasonable
idea of which cities host "their" people (by tracking conquer and migration
messages as they go by), but it's a bit micromanage-y.

It's possible to find this out via diplomats/spies today. But perhaps it would
be a good idea to make this information public -- say, display it in the
middle-click tooltip ("70% Egyptian / 20% Korean / 10% Pirate") on the main
map. (Obviously subject to fog of war.)

What do people think? Is the status quo, having to send out spies to find out
cultural makeup, sufficient?


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