Follow-up Comment #4, patch #3432 (project freeciv):

I went through our supplied scenarios to see how the nations in them compare
to this "core" set.

Obviously some scenarios are never going to fit in the core (the Europe
scenario obviously has a European bias), but some are close. Perhaps this
should inform the set of five "extras" chosen for the "core". Also, we could
tweak the nations in the 2.4 scenarios to fit the "core" set (in a new

* In with a shout:
** earth-160x90-v2.sav: 24/30 in "core"
*** Missing: Gallic, British, Inuit, Papuan, Cambodian, Manchu.
** japan-88x100-v1.3.sav: 7/8 in "core"; only missing the Spanish
** north_america_116x100-v1.2.sav: 9/12
*** Missing: Spanish, Scottish, Irish.
* Lost causes:
** british-isles-85x80-v2.80.sav: 1/5 in "core"
** europe-200x100-v2.sav: 13/37, or 15/37 with current "extras"
** france-140x90-v2.sav: 12/27, or 14/27 with current "extras"

The Spanish come up a lot... maybe they should be in the "extras"? (I'm sure
they've been in at least one commercial Civ.)


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