Follow-up Comment #1, patch #3447 (project freeciv):

This sounds a lot like what I was thinking of in bug #16385 (but I never got
further than design).

> - All bases in a tile have same owner (which can be "nobody")
That's clearly what I was thinking before, but I don't think I'd thought about
what happens if B's Engineer builds a new ownable base on a tile which already
has A's ownable base of a different kind.

> - Can bases have no owner even if tile has owner (in a 
> scenario with preset unowned bases)
> - If both tile and bases have owner, can bases be owned by 
> player other than tile owner (unit walking to base claims base 
> even if not territory)
For the latter, I convinced myself that base and tile should have separate
owners (after originally thinking the opposite) -- see ticket.
I think that implies that the answer to the first question is yes.


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