Follow-up Comment #2, bug #19087 (project freeciv):

Attaching new version just in case, though I think this approach will never be
of acceptable quality.

- Added Indonesian to langnames.txt
- Added langnames.txt to tarball
- Stats generation in separate script instead of being incorporated to
- langstat.txt now generated to $(top_builddir)
- langstat.txt generation PHONY target so gets always regenerated when "make
dist" run

- langstat.txt is generated as first step of 'make dist', most importantly
before .po files have been updated
- Requires bash (should work wiht any standard /bin/sh)

And the main problem:
- Works only with English locale when every .po file has at least 2 (=plural)
of each of translated, fuzzy, and untranslated strings. This is due to very
fragile method of parsing msgmsrg --stat output. Even if we fix it to work
with current version of gettext, it would depend on gettext output strings
never to change...

(file #16228)

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