Follow-up Comment #2, patch #3462 (project freeciv):

I think single "win32" should mean latest stable release(1). If we had 2.4
releases following 2.4 specific tag, they would never inform users about 2.5
series existence.

I have added branch specific "S2_4" and "S2_5" tags to metaserver side, but I
don't plan to using them in any builds we do - they are just an option for
those people who make their own builds and want to follow specific branch (so
that if 2.5.0 is released before 2.4.3, 2.4.2 user will get notification about

(1) Tag "win32" should inform users of stable releases about stable releases
only. But I still think we should use it for *2.4* betas. There's no earlier
users of the tag, so listing betas there would not inform any stable users,
only those of earlier 2.4 betas. So using it for betas would not only provide
beta testing for the feature, but also be service to users.

Have to think about the translation thing. I think it would be doable by
adding file containing string(s) that is used only as source.
Presumably these strings need to qualified ones, so some code magic is needed
too. Ah, stuff for new ticket.


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