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> Marko Lindqvist writes:
>> I actually would like to hear opinions about Ancients ruleset's
>> status. Should it be in default modpack list?
> I've been meaning to ask about that. READMEs that are around
> <http://download.gna.org/freeciv/contrib/modpacks/ancients/ancients-2.0.2.README>
> suggest that Daniel used to look after it around 2.0/2.1. I guess
> you've been caretaking for 2.2/2.3 and would like to know if it's
> worth it? I guess the original author(s) are long gone.

 I've been keeping it compatible with ruleset format, almost nothing
more. I plan to continue that in any case - we don't have too many
different rulesets to use as testcases (not that I've been playing it
as human player, but crashing autogame is quite a good indication of
bug somewhere)

 I updated version available with TRUNK freeciv-modpack just today (r21666)

 What I would like to know if it's of any use to any player's in it's
current state. I'm worried that we may just waste people's time by
keeping it in such an high profile slot as in default modpack list so
people reasonably assume it to be worth testing.

> I don't know about the default modpack list, but it looks functional
> and even has its own tileset, which is more than most of the available
> modpacks. On the other hand, I haven't tried actually playing it to
> see if it still plays well.

 It actually had two tilesets, of which I've maintained only one
(enough for me, and I hoped to ampcients to blow both of these away
anyway). That easier to maintain one is based on trident (actually
uses trident, and adds just some units) and another one is isometric.

> If we are keeping it around, perhaps we should also rescue the
> Ampcients tileset (well, unit set) from
> <http://apolyton.net/showthread.php/167274-Unit-pack-for-Ancients-modpack?s=>
> assuming the licensing works out (it's derived from Amplio which is
> GPL, so it's also GPL, right?) and turn it into a modpack download (or
> just include it with Ancients).

 No, unsolved licensing is the reason ampcients is not used. Last time
(years ago) I asked Daniel, he was trying to get contact to gfx
authors for licensing them under GPL.

 Ampcient is *not* Amplio derivative, rather its sibling. Both are
collected from gfx of Scenario League, with Amplio gfx succesfully
(re)licensed under GPL.

 (Ok, maybe Amcients is Amplio derivative in that it uses something
from Amplio, but then it's not legal one)

 - ML

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