It's 9 Months since S2_4 was branched 02-Nov-11. It has been suggested
that S2_5 branching would take place in another 9 Months, 02-May-13,
in which case we would now be halfway in 2.5 feature development.

This email is about things I'm doing myself. Others do valuable work
too, but as my mind-reading abilities are lacking, I can't write about
their plans.

We have accomplished several major subprojects already:
- gen-roads are now in a stable state. I do have next iterations for
specials/bases/roads code in mind, but I'll probably let that part to
sleep for a while. Let's just say that somehow recombining them is in
order. As we are often running out of words for naming different game
concepts, I already mention that I'd like to reserve term "(tile)
extras" to mean all of specials/bases/roads.
- Support for disasters is ready, As always, it would be nice if
supplied rulesets would take advantage of the new feature to provide
something to end-user too, but making balanced (well tested) rule
changes is always hard and nobody has made suggestions.
- AI traits exist. They do not have all the features I earlier
envisioned them to have, but I've hit some design problems, and as
they are in a usable and stable state anyway, I may let them to be for
- Polishing S2_4 has revealed number of problems that have got minimal
fix in a stable branch, but need better fix in the future. Some of
these are already made, some not. This is the main reason I'm not so
sure about 02-May-13 branching date for S2_5. It's quite soon after
2.4.0 release, so it's not giving us much time to implement those last
features we find out ourselves needing based on S2_4 experiences.
- We've got civ2civ3 ruleset to our distribution. We've also got Alien
World ruleset in our version control, but it's not going to be
released in freeciv-2.5. Both rulesets need polishing before their
first release as part of freeciv proper. I hope Bardo remains active
what comes to civ2civ3 development even though it's now under freeciv
version control and commits must be done my freeciv maintainers. As
original-guilty to its existence, I'll try to be active in fixing /
polishing alien ruleset.

What I'm currently working on, or plan to work before 2.5:
- I have been working with freeciv-web codebase. It's currently
working somehow with S2_4 branching point freeciv. I'll continue to
update it so that it will work with current freeciv core, and then on
development can happen parallel, and we should start considering
effects on freeciv-web when making freeciv core changes. Goal is that
once freeciv 2.5.0 is released, there would be also stable freeciv-web
release based on it.
- I have written some code for new utility. So far it doesn't do much,
but I've named it as fc-rs-designer (freeciv ruleset designer) for
what it hopefully some day is. Currently this work affects freeciv
proper only in that some bugfixes and adjustments to support new tool
are made. First version worth of committing to freeciv svn is not yet
near. This is somethign I'd like to have minimalistic version in 2.5
already, but we'll see how much time I have for this.
- I try to get patches of other contributors handled in somehow
acceptable time. It helps if you are regular contributor, and working
on patch series, so things start rolling. Of the regular contributors
I now somewhat rely on Rafał Mużyło to develop gtk3-client, and mir3x
Qt-client, so I'm not working on them myself. btw. One major feature I
earlier wanted to implement to gtk3-client during 2.5 cycle was
zooming (there's some tickets about it). Do you Rafał have any plans
to work on it?
- I have planned to implement alternative (ruleset selectable)
traderoute system to reduce micromanagement of caravan units. So far
I've only touched parts of existing system. I don't know if I get to
actual alternative system development during 2.5 cycle, but in any
case I continue adjusting trade related things while preparing for it.
I think that, while single minor feature, effects controlled number of
max traderoutes already gives a lot to the game.
- Base ownership separate from land (tile) ownership is another thing
I go around, making minor improvements to existing code while trying
to figure out how to proceed. More I investigate, harder design
problems I find.
- Since Alien World went to freeciv version control, I started new
private modpack project, this time a scenario game (with custon
ruleset). One goal is to test if our scripting features are usable in
real world scenario example, but the scenario design will hit many
ruleset format limits too. Lifting those limits so my scenario can be
implemented will be one of my freeciv engine development trends. Of
the scenario itself I can at this time tell only that it's extremely
primitive - Homo Sapiens vs Neanderthals. Not realistic at all, but
rather comic-style world.

What was once started, but is not going forward:
- Skeleton of another new tool is already in svn. There's Qt version
of the modpack installer. I don't know what will happen to it. Maybe
someone else provides patches for it to make it more usable (more in
par with gtk version)
- Threaded AI was once to become my top priority during 2.5 cycle. I
look it every now and then with new plan, but every time I find some
major problems in the planned design - or at least it would require
such a huge rewrite in one step to freeciv codebase that I really
cannot do it. I have new plan again, but I don't know when I actively
start working on it.
- Switching to lua & tolua versions 5.2. This should have been
relatively small task, but it simply isn't working. I hope someone
more qualified takes a look. No point to waste endless hours of my
time when some expert might fix it in minutes.

 - ML

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