Nickalaus Ewing writes:
> Last night, I first start up the server, the command prompt pops up
> and it loads the default ruleset and the default 5 A.I. players.
> So far so good. Then whenever my friends and I try to connect to it,
> we get this error "operation completed successfully", but none of us
> are in the lobby. Wtf?
> I don't have a firewall blocking it, my AV is not the problem
> (running COMODO, wish I had the money for Norton though), but I
> can't open the ports if that's what it takes (and from what I've
> read, I don't think you need to open the ports to host).

I don't recognise the symptom, but are you trying to host a server on a
home Internet connection? Is it possible that NAT is involved (for
instance if you have a combined modem/router)?

For a machine to host a server, a listening TCP port on that machine
must be accessible by other players (i.e. from the Internet in your
case). For a typical home connection, it would be necessary to set up
port forwarding on the router for this to work.

Unfortunately Freeciv doesn't yet do enough to diagnose this situation;
currently it's entirely possible to advertise a server that no-one can
connect to.

I recently updated the FAQ to touch on this, although it's still thin
on advice about what to do in this situation.

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