I have been a fan of strategy games for at least a couple decades now,
and although I haven't played freeciv in a long while, it has recently
entered my radar again. Also, I am a scientist and write a lot of code.

I suppose you all know about (and possibly are players of) Alpha Centauri.

I have been discussing with other Alpha Centauri fans in CfC about
starting a project to remake AC in open source. The link to the thread
is this:


I do not want to spam you too much, but it is important to say that we
do know about the issue of intellectual propery, and that we cannot
distribute an AC "clone". What we are considering doing is an AC "clone"
that can play the original content if you have the original files, and
can also play additional, truly open content, fan-made.

We really want to have the features that make AC different from other
civ games, in special, the unit workshop, and terrain terraforming. But
we want to have better graphics, more factions in the same map, better
multiplayer, etc...

Of course, we thought about using freeciv as a base for this. I would
love to hear any ideas you might have about such a project, in special
about using freeciv as a starting point.


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