Follow-up Comment #3, patch #3459 (project freeciv):

Bumped also tilespec capstr since this is first compatibility breaking change
since S2_4 branching. This makes sure that at the time of S2_5 datafile format
freeze one sees that stable capstr must be different from S2_4 one.

I have less concrete reasoning for it, but I'm going to bump also ruleset
capstr in some near future commit changing ruleset format. Capstr is last
changed in February, so it's been unchanged for some time and I'd like it to
tell at least approximately (6 months accuracy) which freeciv revision ruleset
is supposed to be compatible with.
Ideally this would reflect compatibility, not only in stable branches, but
during development too. I find updating them in every commit (sometimes many
times a day) changing ruleset format in a minor way far too much hassle -
especially considering those rulesets I'm maintaining outside freeciv tree.
Single line change in one of the ruleset files would require capstr change in
all files. I actually wonder if defining capstr per-ruleset-file
(terrain.ruleset, units.ruleset...) instead of using same capstr for all files
would be easier solution despite sounding more complicated.


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