Follow-up Comment #2, patch #3488 (project freeciv):

> to gather comments (if any)


> It bothers me that the distribution is not self-contained

That's why I were against removing them from under version control in the
first place. Also, latest version in wiki is just one version - in theory any
documentation under version control should be in sync with the code.

About NEWS of minor version never making it to TRUNK: What about your policy
of making 2.b.0 NEWS relative to 2.a.x, not 2.a.0? What happens to NEWS
between 2.a.0 and 2.a.x? (On a related note, have you thought about someone
using 2.a.2 upgrading to 2.b.1 when 2.b.0 NEWS is relative to 2.a.3 and since
then also 2.a.4 has been released)


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