Follow-up Comment #4, bug #20038 (project freeciv):

> Perhaps make the transformed tile conditional on whether it is 
> adjacent to Lake/River or Ocean.
This ticket was originally about trying to find a general solution to have
that effect without hardcoding assumptions about rulesets into the game

> If there is no water near then it should default to Lake.
Of course in default rulesets this isn't possible -- ocean_reclaim_requirement
means there has to be some water (not even a river) nearby. But of course
rulesets could waive that, in which case this case needs worrying about.

As it happens, cazfi's solution (now in patch #20043) has this property.

> there is probably going to be an occasional corner case where 
> both kinds of water are adjacent.
That was precisely the corner case that patch #3478 was dealing with -- if
transforming a tile to water that had Ocean and Lake on either side of it,
flood one to the other.

More interesting is the corner case where terrains that don't "flood" each
other (ocean & deep ocean) are both present.


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