Summary: Supplied earth-80x50-v3 scenario cannot be loaded in
2.3.x, has warnings
                 Project: Freeciv
            Submitted by: jtn
            Submitted on: Sat Aug 11 00:07:51 2012
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                Severity: 3 - Normal
                Priority: 5 - Normal
                  Status: None
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             Open/Closed: Open
                 Release: 2.3.2
         Discussion Lock: Any
        Operating System: None
         Planned Release: 2.3.3,2.4.0,2.5.0



Trying to load the earth-80x50-v3.sav scenario in a non-debug build of S2_3
fails utterly:

1: Unknown savefile format version (10).
1: Failure loading savegame!

It looks like the same file was committed to S2_3 and trunk under patch #2264,
with version=10, which is for what has become S2_4.

This is much less noticeable in a --enable-debug S2_3 build (which I
habitually run) because that will have a go at loading the file regardless:

1: Savegame version newer than this build found (10 > 3). Trying to load the
game nevertheless ...
2: Loading rulesets.

-- the warning being easily lost among all the other spew.

Clearly the S2_3 version should have version=3. But the savefile may need to
be audited to check that the two versions on the two branches shouldn't be
different in some other way, due to the different formats.


With either S2_3 or S2_4, if the savefile is loaded, it produces a warning:

1: Saved game contains incomplete map data. This can happen with old saved
games, or it may indicate an invalid saved game file. Proceed at your own

Digging deeper it seems this is provoked by the lack of base information in
the map:

3: [T000 - 2012/08/10 23:58:10] in sg_load_map_tiles_bases()
[savegame2.c::2240]: Line not found='map.b00_0000'
3: [T000 - 2012/08/10 23:58:10] in sg_load_map_tiles_bases()
[savegame2.c::2240]: Line not found='map.b00_0001'

The easy solution is to just add the (empty) base information; but I'm not
entirely clear what the rules are for scenarios -- is it supposed to be OK to
leave out base information?


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