Follow-up Comment #2, bug #20045 (project freeciv):

>Are these the settings you used?
Yes, with those settings my games always end crashing around turn 100 to 150.
Actually, the savegame I uploaded always crashes to me when I end the turn.

It is an autosave from a game that I was playing under AI control, with "/set
timeout 10" and I did not change the settings before saving, sorry.
I wonder if the time limit could be affecting the AI? Is there any other way
to play the game under AI contol?

If this savegame does not crash to you after the end of turn,
I'd assume there is some issue in my installation or the way I compile the
code that is causing these "assertion errors", like the latest one I

I have revised the files of this updated civ2civ3 pack and I did not change
anything related to transports or unit types. If it does not crash to you, I'd
say the pack is ready to replace the previous version.

I'll test it again as soon as there is a version of the next beta that I do
not need to compile... to be sure.


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