Dear all,

first of all let me thank you for this wonderful game. I 
bought Civilization on Amiga, at its first release, and since then I'm 
a fan of this saga.
I discovered FreeCiv just an year ago, and I keep 
on playing it regularly during lunch time, thanks to its low graphical 
requirements and deep immersion. I really love your game.

I use to 
play all my games with only AI opponents. I find the games well 
balanced and I really enjoy them; still there are two points that make 
the game end always and only as a total war of me against all the AIs.

The first thing is that, whatever I do, no importance if I have contact 
or not after the first no-aggression pact, the AI relationship to me 
lowers and lowers and never recover. There is no way to raise it up, at 
least in my experience. A guide on this would be really helpful (maybe 
on the wikia pages?) and a fine tuning as well. It is impossible to run 
even simply the idea of a diplomatic game, as all the other countries 
will declare war on me soon or later.
The second thing is that the AI 
doesn't recognize who is the first on declaring war. This means that if 
AI_1 declares war on me and AI_1 is allied with AI_2, then AI_2 will 
always declare war on me, regardless on who is the aggressor and if 
there is a chance of winning, or relationship between the nations. I 
know that this is a long term pending issue, and I hope to see it 
solved in the future, but in the meanwhile could be possible to 
include, in the diplomatic options at the beginning of the game, a "no 
alliances allowed" option? This would allow all the diplomatic actions 
with a one-on-one basis, but would prevent the domino effect of one 
country declaring war causing all the nations going to war (usually 
against the human player).

I hope that you could evaluate these 
suggestions, and that at least the "no alliances allowed" could be 
included in the next release.
I also wait for a review of the AI code, 
but I know that this is a long, hard task.

Thank you very much for the 
game and for the effort you put in it. Keep up the good work!! :-)


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