As I've got freeciv-web codebase almost up to date with freeciv
server, time to begin handling things in a more controlled manner. So
far I have not reported any bugs as they have been more than likely to
get fixed as sideproduct of general codebase update. Now it's time to
start writing bugreports down, so those that are not immediately
fixed, will not get forgotten.
 For now I use freeciv bugtracker which already has
category, but I really don't know if that's optimal solution, or if we
should organze this differently. freeciv-web code does not live in
same repository as freeciv, and mixing bugreports for the two may
cause confusion (while freeciv-web has its own category, it's easy to
miss that particular incoming bugreport is not something to fix in
freeciv but in freeciv-web)

 - ML

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