On Wed, 2012-09-19 at 22:13 +0200, David Lowe wrote:
> Follow-up Comment #11, bug #18228 (project freeciv):
> Fortunately my father speaks M4, and he was able to add in the necessary
> functionality.  He had to shuffle some original lines around before it even
> made sense, though.  Therefore the attached patch will be larger than
> indicated by the roughly 30 lines of new code.
> Notes: 1) This has been tested to work on my Snow Leopard rig and also that it
> doesn't break SDL detection on a Debian system.  However, i realize that is
> far from exhaustive, so feedback is welcome.
> 2) This only provides for detection of the main SDL library, sdl_image will
> have to be dealt with elsewhere.  That could be sdl-client.m4 or its
> dependencies [namely, AC_CHECK_LIB & AC_CHECK_HEADER].  I suppose that should
> be a separate tracker item?
> 3) After that is working we will probably still need to modify compiler flags
> to correctly use the frameworks.
> (file #16592)
>     _______________________________________________________
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> File name: with_framework.patch           Size:13 KB

- you are modifying sdl.m4 that is linux dependant
- you oblige linux developers to check why sdl.m4 has been modifyied
- since diff is line check tools very tough thing

this m4 file is from sound.m4
supposing DARWIN macro exist

if test x"$DARWIN" = "xyes"; then
would be more appropriate for inclusion of the specific m4 file,
like sdl-darwin.m4
 very not sure of the
SDL_LIBS="-L$fw_loc -lSDL -lpthread"
we should have pthread.m4 to test if we have
that it is, go crazy freeciv developers
from warciv developer
continue color changes

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