Follow-up Comment #6, bug #20304 (project freeciv):

> Any idea of specific behaviour changes this will cause

For the supplied rulesets I'm not aware of any change, but my ruleset checking
has not been vigorous.

Actually, it's the client thats more affected. Server & ai know exact
situation in most cases, but client lacks information so it have to guess with
- Buildings are not marked redundant when it's *possible* that they are
usefull (thus the change is: "with some rulesets less buildings are marked
- Buildings can be added to worklist if it's possible that they are buildable
in the future

- When city cannot build next item from worklist and reasons are listed in
chat, after this patch false positives are never sent (but we lose also some
correct ones - which we already did with partially working RPT_POSSIBLE)

- AI thinks that researching a tech would allow it to build specific buildings
when ever it's possible that other requirement are fulfilled.


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