Follow-up Comment #4, bug #18084 (project freeciv):

Certainly patch #3346 addresses most of the concerns here (for 2.4.x
* When --ranklog is used, score determines winner in the absence of a victory
* The text declaring the game a draw in this case is gone.

However, issues remain in this area:
* The online help needs updating, but I'm uncomfortable doing that until the
following is addressed:
* The winning condition logic is somewhat duplicated currently between
check_for_game_over() and rank_users(), and most of the latter isn't even run
unless a ranklog file is requested. For instance, the only place the new
highest-score-wins logic exists is in rank_users(); so the game doesn't
declare a score-based winner on the console, it's only evident in ranklog.
** (I also find the logic in check_for_game_over() hard to follow, and I
suspect it could be simplified.)

(By the way, the decision that endgame etc were a draw came in in PR#14274,
r11430 <>, in


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