Follow-up Comment #2, patch #3606 (project freeciv):

I have not tested, but I now realized that this is probably horribly broken
with autoconf-2.59 case.

I already wrote commit message like this before I decided not to commit yet:
"Added configure check for defining intptr_t.
Support for this was introduced in autoconf-2.60. In case
of autoconf-2.59 we fallback to using "unsigned long" we have
been using where intptr_t should be used, i.e., we won't
support LLP64 systems, such as win64, in combination with

Problem is that unconditionally defining intptr_t in autoconf-2.59 case
ignores the fact that it's likely defined in system headers anyway, maybe as
typedef. So, after our unconditional macro expansion system header will turn
typedef intptr_t unsigned long
typedef unsigned long unsigned long


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