Should I file a bug for this issue? I don't know if it is a bug or an
expected side effect of my configuration. I have not been able to
reproduce it under normal conditions. The issue is in Freeciv trunk
SVN revision 22295 compiled with delta disabled and
fold_bool_into_header turned of.

To reproduce, run the server with the compression turned of. Start the
gtk-2 client. Then go to the research dialog. Left click the
researching or the goal pull down. Keep the mouse button down while
slowly moving the cursor to the option you want to change to. The pull
down's focus should now briefly jump to the originally selected tech
before it jumps back under your mouse.

I suspect this is related to the client constantly sending the packet
dialog is open. This causes the server to respond by sending a
PACKET_PLAYER_INFO (containing the recently "updated" information).

I don't know where in the gtk 2.0 gui code (or general client code)
they are sent from. I don't know the delta protocol beyond what I have
read in (I don't recall reading anything about it
stopping packets not containing any new information) I therefore can't
tell if this is a side effect of my configuration or a bug triggered
by it.

Sveinung Kvilhaugsvik

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