Follow-up Comment #8, bug #19609 (project freeciv):

Doesn't look too bad to me. I did make the stripe spacing fairly dense with
this case in mind. (Will also affect experimental ruleset with units like

I've nudged the phase of the striping slightly in this version to make it more

Further possible improvements:
* Fade at the edges, rather than the current hard boundary. (I didn't pursue
this because I wasn't sure how consistent I could rely on the compositing to
give a seamless result for large areas. It's probably fine. Also I'd have to
find even more GIMPing skills.)
* For cases where it's something like a road making a terrain native, we could
allow tilesets to define a mask to apply to the nonnative marking so that just
the outline of the road appears native rather than the whole tile. But that's
probably overkill for this feature.

(file #17148, file #17149)

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