Follow-up Comment #3, bug #20476 (project freeciv):

> Can you confirm if I got this right.

Yes, header that is included is /usr/include/netdb.h which does define

> Meanwhile you can test if manually setting
> CPPFLAGS="-I/usr/include/bind" for configure produces working
> build.

It failed, this time on functions such as inet_ntoa, I think due to conflicts
between arpa/inet.h and bind/arpa/inet.h - the latter redefines inet_ntoa to
__inet_ntoa, but then __inet_ntoa can't be found at link time.

I tried instead going the other way, to try to convince configure that I
didn't need libbind at all:

% svn diff
---        (revision 22316)
+++        (working copy)
@@ -1012,8 +1012,11 @@
 if test "x$server" = "xyes"; then
-    dnl Some systems (e.g., BeOS) need this lib
-    AC_CHECK_LIB(bind, gethostbyaddr, SERVER_LIBS="-lbind $SERVER_LIBS")
+    dnl Some systems (e.g., BeOS) need -lbind, while others can better avoid
+    AC_CHECK_FUNCS([gethostbyaddr])
+    if test $ac_cv_func_gethostbyaddr = no; then
+      AC_CHECK_LIB(bind, gethostbyaddr, SERVER_LIBS="-lbind $SERVER_LIBS")
+    fi
     dnl Readline library and header files.

With that change, -lbind is no longer included in LIBS or SERVER_LIBS; for
some reason it is still included in GUI_sdl_LIBS, and I wasn't able to find
what introduces it there. But I can build successfully with
--enable-client=gtk2 (previously gtk2,sdl), start a server and a client and
have them talk to each other.

I suspect that the libbind4 package is my main problem, and I plan to remove
it (but I'll wait in case there's more you'd like me to test); I believe that
on this OS libc contains everything I'm likely to need from libbind, and quite
likely in more modern and featureful fashion.

Here's my full configure invocation now:

./configure --prefix=/opt/freeciv --enable-fcdb=mysql --enable-client=gtk2
--enable-svnrev --enable-aimodules=yes --disable-nls --enable-debug=some
--with-readline --with-x --enable-shared --disable-ipv6



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