Summary: CMA cruft
                 Project: Freeciv
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            Submitted on: Sun Feb 10 03:13:54 2013
                Category: agents
                Severity: 2 - Minor
                Priority: 5 - Normal
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The CMA help refers to the installed README.cma, and README.cma (vintage 2002)
claims that clients/agents/cma_core.h explains how stuff actually works. 
There is a comment in cma_core.h:

| The plan defines a minimal surplus. The module will try to get the
| required surplus. If there are citizens free after allocation of
| the minimal surplus these citizens will get arranged to maximize
| the sum over base*factor. The base depends upon the factor_target.

However, factor_target is now a dummy, this comment should be updated. 
cma_core.h tries to include cm.h and attribute.h, I failed to find these
files, maybe they are obsolete.

In README.cma all references to factor_target and cma_core.h can be removed. 
All vintage 2002 presets can be trimmed to eight values ending with FALSE,0
(or TRUE,0) instead of nine values ending with 0,0,1 (or 1,0,1).  

The code in cma_fec.c (create_default_cma_presets, 2013) generates five CMA
presets if no presets exist.  These default presets should be listed in
README.cma instead of the relevant old (2002) presets.  Users need to know how
to recreate deleted presets.   

In the CMA GUI the six constraints permit to set the minimal surplus from -20
up to +20.  There is no "trade deficit", 
"luxury deficit", or "research deficit" in the default ruleset.

Please limit the minimal surplus to 0..20 if there are no plans
to introduce negative trade/luxury/research.  Otherwise explain
in README.cma what a negative trade/luxury/research surplus is.

The difference between happiness and luxury is unclear.  Please
explain in README.cma how happiness 1 over everything else 0 differs from
luxury 1 over everything else 0.  

Please explain also what the CMA celebration switch to the left
of happiness actually does or tries to do, i.e., how would a 
user achieve this effect in manual micro-management without CMA.

So far I think that the CMA happiness factor and the celebration
switch are redundant, i.e., some combination of trade and luxury
should have the same effect.  If it's not redundant I need more
than one fresh clue in README.cma what exactly the CMA does. 

BTW, what is the base in "maximize the sum over base*factor"?    


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