Am I guessin correct that

 10, 12, "t.l0.floor1"

is short for

 10, 12, "t.l0.floor_n1e1s1w1"
 10, 12, "t.l0.floor_n0e1s1w1"
 10, 12, "t.l0.floor_n1e0s1w1"
 10, 12, "t.l0.floor_n0e0s1w1"
 10, 12, "t.l0.floor_n1e1s0w1"
 10, 12, "t.l0.floor_n0e1s0w1"
 10, 12, "t.l0.floor_n1e0s0w1"
 10, 12, "t.l0.floor_n0e0s0w1"
 10, 12, "t.l0.floor_n1e1s1w0"
 10, 12, "t.l0.floor_n0e1s1w0"
 10, 12, "t.l0.floor_n1e0s1w0"
 10, 12, "t.l0.floor_n0e0s1w0"
 10, 12, "t.l0.floor_n1e1s0w0"
 10, 12, "t.l0.floor_n0e1s0w0"
 10, 12, "t.l0.floor_n1e0s0w0"
 10, 12, "t.l0.floor_n0e0s0w0"

and that is that all those sprites are taken from the 10th row, 12th column (starting count with 0)?

Why then, in trident/tile.spec does this

; Rivers (as special type), and whether north, south, east, west
; also has river or is ocean:

 19,  0, "tx.s_river_n0e0s0w0"
 19,  1, "tx.s_river_n1e0s0w0"
 19,  2, "tx.s_river_n0e1s0w0"
 19,  3, "tx.s_river_n1e1s0w0"
 19,  4, "tx.s_river_n0e0s1w0"
 19,  5, "tx.s_river_n1e0s1w0"
 19,  6, "tx.s_river_n0e1s1w0"
 19,  7, "tx.s_river_n1e1s1w0"
 19,  8, "tx.s_river_n0e0s0w1"
 19,  9, "tx.s_river_n1e0s0w1"
 19, 10, "tx.s_river_n0e1s0w1"
 19, 11, "tx.s_river_n1e1s0w1"
 19, 12, "tx.s_river_n0e0s1w1"
 19, 13, "tx.s_river_n1e0s1w1"
 19, 14, "tx.s_river_n0e1s1w1"
 19, 15, "tx.s_river_n1e1s1w1"

work (note the 19 instead of 8)????

(I have 2.4.99-dev, revision 22213).

Greetings from Imhotep

Marko Lindqvist wrote:
On 10 February 2013 19:20, Imhotep <> wrote:
I would like to know about the mystery of tilesets.

I have a modpack of my own, derived from Ancients, and heavily modified via
blind copy&paste to make it work with 2.4.99-dev.

Now I don't see any differences between deep and shallow ocean.
By a look in the save-file I can see that the generator distinguishes all
right, (":" for deep ocean and " " for shallow).
But the tile for floor is not found, alt_graph is used instead. When setting
alt_graph="-", an error occurs.

Comparing with amplio2.tilespec and modifying, hoping for good luck didn't

Where can I get an understanding of the anatomy of *.tilespec?
 I don't know if there's better documentation in wiki or somewhere,
but doc/ tries to document it. Unfortunately one person
who reworked tilespec handling significantly didn't update any
documtentation, so most of the information in that doc is what I
figured out by reading the source files - it might have somewhat weird
approach to issues that would have more sane explanation from another
 If you have modified ancients.tilespec and related .spec and gfx
files, note that it's based on trident tileset. You would probably do
better by comparing changes to trident than to amplio.

 Unfortunate naming of ocean tiles ("coast" for deep ocean!) comes
from halfway cleanup of another mess, this time with
not-really-working and unnecessary additional terrain types that lived
in our version control for a while. That's something that should be
properly addressed, but I've forgotten it over the years.

 - ML


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