On 10 February 2013 20:55, Imhotep <jmho...@slehr.de> wrote:
> Am I guessin correct that
>  10, 12, "t.l0.floor1"
> is short for
>  10, 12, "t.l0.floor_n1e1s1w1"

 No. I think you are comparing two different sprite types here (See
README.graphics "layerN_sprite_type") Former is terrain drawn with
single sprite, in the latter set you have multiple "corner" sprites.

> and that is that all those sprites are taken from the 10th row, 12th column
> (starting count with 0)?

 Yes, those numbers are location of the sprite in gfx file.

> Why then, in trident/tile.spec does this
> ; Rivers (as special type), and whether north, south, east, west
> ; also has river or is ocean:

 Note that river is not an generic terrain, so it has drawing rules of
its own (to be changed in trunk really soon now)

 - ML

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