Follow-up Comment #6, patch #2206 (project freeciv):

I'm not talking about anything specific to caravans or their arrival. Units
with movement left get focus, units without don't.

Assuming roads, and full 3/3 movement point for both, place one caravan 6
tiles and another 5 tiles away from a city. Set goto to the city for both.
They immediately move to 3 & 2 tiles away from the city. Log out your client,
let the turn pass (set timeout in server and let it pass), and login back. For
all the units automatically getting focus, press 'space'. Notice that the
caravan with 1/3 movement left gets the focus, and could establish traderoute,
but caravan with 0/3 move left never gets the focus unless you go to search
for it from inside the city.


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