Summary: Caravan popups as part of unit focus queue?
                 Project: Freeciv
            Submitted by: jtn
            Submitted on: Sun Feb 17 10:23:00 2013
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Following on from discussion in patch #2206:

In general, it does feel like we need a new workflow for caravan orders (and
maybe other things like diplomat actions).

Having the popup occur in the flurry of turn-change activities was bad for
various reason (e.g. taking focus, obscuring the action), which is why we have
"Pop up caravan actions" as an option (r15533
<http://svn.gna.org/viewcvs/freeciv?view=revision&revision=15533>), but if you
turn that off it's easy to forget that a caravan is ready.

Commercial CivIV has a fairly forced workflow, where it takes you through
decisions like city production, promotions, and units in some fixed order.
This helps not forget things, but it's still not ideal; if you don't want to
deal with a thing at the point it prompts because you need other information
(you're locked out of seeing all information due to the forced workflow), you
have to cancel and remember to go back and review the thing later.

I wonder if there's scope for putting pending-caravan-decisions on the unit
focus queue, and popping up the caravan dialog whenever focus gets to a unit,
and allowing the usual unit focus keys like "W" to dismiss the popup
non-permanently (so it will appear again next time the unit comes up)? In this
world, a unit capable of an action would stay on the queue even if it had no
movement points left.

That still doesn't quite fix the case where your first unit after turn change
needs a popup, but you don't want the popup obscuring your view of the
post-turn action -- although it'll help a bit as the popup will naturally pop
up a bit later. Perhaps you want the option of some unobtrusive proxy for the
popup, like a particular modification to the unit icon.

(Obviously having the specify-action-in-advance envisaged by bug #16905 would
also help some players, but it would still be good to have a better workflow
for those not making plans in advance.)


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