Follow-up Comment #3, bug #16905 (project freeciv):

What should the UI look like here? (I haven't looked at warclient.)

One option: you do a normal path goto (G), only after you finalise it by
clicking on the destination tile, if it's a place you can do an action, it
pops up something looking like the normal caravan popup (only with "Your
Caravan Has Arrived" text changed, obviously). When you choose an action, then
the orders are committed (you can tell when this happens because the goto line
doesn't disappear until after you dismiss the popup). To get the previous
behaviour, choose "Keep Moving".

Once the UI is decided, this is presumably mostly a case of unifying caravan
actions (and maybe also diplomat actions?) with the vocabulary used by unit
I think the client must already have more or less enough smarts to know what
actions are possible at a given proposed destination tile without reference to
the server?

(If we ever expose more of the power of unit orders, e.g. goto-and-sentry,
goto-and-fortify, I guess that might be combined with this UI.)


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