Follow-up Comment #6, bug #19841 (project freeciv):

Late comment (again, I should really review patches before they're committed,

Would it be better to have a section in nationlist.ruleset explicitly listing
all allowed govs in leader titles (and e.g. terrains), rather than having to
specify the delta between the ruleset and the default nationset in each
ruleset's nations.ruleset?

That has the advantage that it's more obvious to the maintainers of the
default nationset what the allowed govs/terrains are -- they need only look at
the single nationlist.ruleset, not reconcile multiple rulesets and wondering
what else is out there; and it's clear to ruleset authors who intend to re-use
the default nationset what sort of ruleset features it expects.

Something like

leader_govs = "Anarchy", "Despotism", "Monarchy", "Communism",
"Fundamentalism", "Republic", "Democracy"
city_terrains = "river", "lake", "ocean", "glacier", "desert", "forest",
"grassland", "hills", "jungle", "mountains", "plains", "swamp", "tundra"


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