Follow-up Comment #4, bug #20501 (project freeciv):

> I vaguely wonder about making this clearer in the UI [...]
Raised separately as patch #3718.

> Then there are Worker-type units, which gui shortcut 'f' makes 
> to build fortress instead of fortifying. They still have 
> "CanFortify" flag, so I think gui is the only think preventign 
> them from havign forifying action too - in theory modified 
> client could send fortify request for them.
It won't be honoured though, I believe -- (UTY)F_SETTLERS units are explicitly
prevented from fortifying IIRC (we guessed that the reason is purely this UI

> One thing i've noticed in conjunction with server-side 
> auto-attack: units that have been given the 'Fortify' command 
> can be reliably counted on to engage approaching enemies. Units 
> that have been given the 'Sentry' command aren't as courageous.
I haven't played with autoattack, but this sounds like a bug to me. Can you
raise a new ticket about this with some more detail?


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