Follow-up Comment #2, bug #20522 (project freeciv):

> It's calculating general UTYF_SETTLERS want, not that of 
> specific unit type.
Hm, yes, good point.
Still, this can't be helping with the AI's reluctance to improve food
production, can it?

> In somewhat related note it's not necessarily good idea that 
> it's worker want of the very city used when deciding if worker 
> should be built.
Hm, yes, indeed. You want some way to export wants to other cities. And a
generalised background "our civ needs more workers" probably won't do, as you
could end up with piles of workers on the wrong continent (and I read the AI
tends not to transport them). So the want has to be exported only to "nearby"
cities, I guess, FSVO nearby.
That speculation rather outruns my knowledge of the AI, anyway, so could be
worthless. And it certainly belongs in another ticket.


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