Follow-up Comment #19, bug #18767 (project freeciv):

...and checking before-and-after patch #3620 on S2_4 (this time with the
savegames in bug #17542), the "spurious" taxmen which were reproducible before
and went away with gold_upkeep_style=2 now never show up; governor
decisions/output seem the same now regardless of gold_upkeep_style.

So, it seems the hated taxmen are gone. I'm not sure where that leaves my
musings in comment #12; I haven't spotted exactly how the code of patch #3620
changes the governor's consideration of local gold usage, but I don't really
understand enough about the CMA to follow closely.

So, that's another effect of gold_upkeep_style gone. I'm still not sure I
understand why we have it.


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