Follow-up Comment #4, bug #20522 (project freeciv):

> ...although the logic in patch #3693 (food upkeep) is unit-type
> specific, isn't it? It could be worrying about Settlers' food
> upkeep even if it would end up building Workers?

Yes. Though this (and pop cost part too) might work perfectly at the moment by
using same mechanism to select unit to build. I cannot tell any situation
where the result would differ between the time want is calculated and the time
actual build target is chocen, or it's at least very rare situation; player
somehow gaining tech enabling new unit between the two parts of the code - and
even then it would really hurt if it had calculated want with unit without
food upkeep/pop-cost, and would then use that want to build unit with food
upkeep/pop-cost, maybe even one it cannot sustain (I don't know if it could
end turning whole city to Settler in a one in a billion turns chance with such
a ruleset)


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