Follow-up Comment #5, patch #2951 (project freeciv):

> But as everything is just transitional phase to next, in a
> decade we may be able to combine bases and roads back to one
> "specials" concept. ;-)

Updating my plans here once more, even this is going a bit off the original

In 2.6 there will be concept of tile "extras" (term already made its debut to
codebase in patch #3638 introducing function tile_extras_defense_bonus() ) At
first separate road/base/special implementations will remain as they are,
extras just providing upper level functionality; extras structure will have
"extras_class" (road/base/special) and union of classes. Over time class type
specific values will be drawn from the union to part common to all extras.
For performance reasons, it's probably better to keep some parts of the
separate extras classes. For example, if we want check some roadish behavior,
we should be able to "road_type_iterate(proad)" rather than
"extras_type_iterate(pextras) { if (pextras->class == EXTRAS_ROAD)"


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