Follow-up Comment #9, bug #16905 (project freeciv):

I think there is nothing wrong with a pop-up there. Creating a goto-and-do-XXX
sequence is a modal thing and you have to finish that goto sequence before
doing anything else. So the pop-ups will not hinder the work flow any more.

The pop-up should give a list of possible commands and have keyboard
shortcuts. But since it will only list limited sets of combinations there is
far less of a problem of exhausting available keys. The pop-up can
(optionally) also be out of the way, display it on the left side of the client
in the empty space below the unit list or something. It doesn't have to block
the main map.

As Bernd suggests this would use a "order list mode". You press "G" to get
into order list mode. Then you can select tiles to goto, select an activity
via keyboard shortcut, the menu or the "pop-up" on the side. "i" would
irrigate the current tile, "I" would go into connect with irrigation mode and
a click would set destination. "return" or clicking done would finialize the
sequenze and go back into normal mode.

Now for extra special bonus when setting a goto sequence have the client
display other units and tiles in the state the will be by the time the goto
sequence reaches the current end. So if  one unit has a goto to the right and
you start a sequenze for a second unit to move 2 fields (turns) to the left
then the first will be shown having moved 2 turns along its goto already. This
would make it easier to coordinate actions with multiple units have a goto

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