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Attached a patch. As well as the previous, some more specific issues I know it
to fix:
* a delegate going from observing player X to controlling the same player was
not handled (it was spuriously refused)
** (In general, observers will not by default be able to be delegates, as they
have 'info' level but /delegate is ALLOW_BASIC. But delegates who are
observers seems a reasonable use case to me. Given that it implements its own
access control 
* '/delegate cancel <player>' by an admin while the delegation was active was
not handled and would crash
** It's now handled by forcibly detaching the delegate. This means that an
admin should be able to untangle any set of delegations users have set up,
which is good IMO as some commands are prevented even for admins with
delegations active.
** (I considered also allowing admins to do third-party '/delegate restore
<user>' and allowing '/delegate to' to disconnect the current delegate too,
but decided I'd spent long enough polishing this already.)
* several strings weren't marked for i18n

That's not all the changes though; in general, the checks have been tightened
up and should be self-consistent.

It would be good if someone who's used delegate functionality before could
review/test this; I've reverse-engineered how it's supposed to work, and what
I've ended up with seems useful to me, but it's possible that I've missed the
point or some important way in which it is used in practice.

(file #17331)

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