Marko Lindqvist writes:
> [...] Should have added comment at least to remind why exactly so. [...]

Where I work, we have a policy that every commit is accounted to a bug
like here, but we have an exception for comment-only changes, on the
grounds of having the barrier to improving comments be as low as
possible (not requiring the overhead of raising a bug etc). We have a
special pseudo-job "CommentChange" to associate such commit with. This
generally seems to work for us and is not abused.

I've noticed I have a reticence to just comment something I've found
because of the bug overhead. Should we do something similar for Freeciv?
Could be restricted to more "trusted" developers (e.g. those with svn
access?), and extensive changes touching many files which require some
explanation can of course continue to go in regular tickets.

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