On 9 March 2013 18:56, 张琛雨 <zcy...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear freeciv devs:
> Now I am a new freeciv developer, I have a great passion to join the
> development of freeciv. And I am also a freeciv game lover.
> But I met some compile issues on linux, there are always some
> compiling errors such as "ffi.h file not existed" and so on.
> So I want to know if you have a whole or total solution to compile the
> freeciv project and share it to me. I think if I could follow your
> steps, I could make a fast progress to develop the game.
> Thanks.

 There's no place in freeciv code that would include ffi.h directly,
so your system seems to have bigger issues than just missing some
freeciv dependency. What Linux distribution are you using?

 As you say you want to participate in development, I assume you're
compiling from svn checkout rather than release tarball. If you have
all the dependencies in place, first freeciv build should be just a
matter of:

 > svn checkout svn://svn.gna.org/svn/freeciv/trunk src
 > mkdir build
 > cd build
 > ../src/autogen.sh
 > make

 And later updates just
 > cd src
 > svn up
 > cd ../build
 > make

 - ML

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