Follow-up Comment #12, bug #17606 (project freeciv):

The patch seems to work now even when reloading saved game.

As I have never done anything with translations there may probably remain some
errors here but should not prevent playing/testing.

This patch may not work without patch 

Whenever in a nation ruleset the option split=TRUE is given, the nation is
split into several "war clans" each named "<nation name> led by <leader
name>". It is intended for land and sea barbarians but should work with
ordinary nations, too.

The split option is used in the ruleset file only, so there should be no need
to change anything outside ruleset.c to recognize this special option.

As for my one time testing, the proposed
reqs =
{ "type", "name", "range"
"AI", "Barbarian", "Player"
does not work.

(file #17448)

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