Follow-up Comment #4, bug #20542 (project freeciv):

To expand on this:
> I think in this case that this assertion is wrong. When 
> exiting the game, it shouldn't check this.

So, post bug #20085, we have a policy that (unit)->client.transported_by
always reflects what we last saw from the server; and we already had a policy
that a unit is not allowed to be being transported at the time it's

However, in this case, we're deleting units without being told to be the
server. If we want to keep these policies, I think that it is necessary to
explicitly clear transported_by after unit_transport_unload() in
player_clear() (probably both for cargo and the current unit).

Anywhere else where the client autonomously messes with this stuff? I didn't
spot anything on a quick look.


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