On 30 March 2013 18:42, Emmet Hikory <per...@shipstone.jp> wrote:
>     For terrain.ruleset, there are [options] and [parameters] sections.
> Do most of these still serve useful purposes?  From a quick look at the
> code and a bit of testing, I would think they are mostly also handled in
> a different way:
> [options]
> may_road:
> may_irrigate:
> may_mine:
> may_transform:

 Their removal has been in my TODO for a very long time, but I've
never initiated the discussion (they have originally been added for
some reason, right?)

> [parameters]
> road_superhighway_trade_bonus:
>     This appears to be used only to store the value in the ruleset and
> send ruleset packets continaing the value, but not in any of the code
> that actually checks the trade value of a square.  For all the shipping
> rulesets that have a "Super Highways", this appears to be managed with
> the Output_Per_Tile effect.

 Is this true for stable branches too, or have I changed this as part
of gen-roads? If stable branches are affected, their documentation
(ruleset comments) should be updated to describe the situation. With
ruleset format and network protocol freezes we can't remove it
completely from stable branches.

> pollution_* and fallout_*:
>     These seem like they would be better handled by effects.  Something
> like:

 As we're going to rework specials for 2.6, I don't think it makes
much sense to change this to temporary format that would change again
to next version (forcing ruleset authors to update it for each

 - ML

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