Follow-up Comment #2, bug #19474 (project freeciv):

Further testing in TRUNK with midgame player /create (new feature in S2_4,
which is likely to be affected too)

1. Start singleplayer game with default maxplayers: 126
2. Save
3. Inspect savegame to see that maxplayers setting is 126 there
4. Load
5. "/explain maxplayers" to see it's 1
6. "/create midgamer" with no errors
7. "/explain maxplayers" to see it's still 1
8. "/list" to see that new player really exist
9. Save with new name
10. Load -> "1: Savegame: error restoring 'maxplayers' . (Number of players
(5) is higher than requested value (1). Keeping old value.)"

I don't know yet how many separate bugs that makes. Good news is that there's
bugs countering each other (midgame player creation is possible despite
maxplayers getting to set to value that should prevent it)


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