Follow-up Comment #1, bug #20521 (project freeciv):

> However, the help for [civ2] Settlers says:
> "Settlers in a Republic or Democracy require twice as much 
> food per turn, and in Communist or Fundamentalist societies, 
> three times as much."
I haven't checked the original game, but two references I've found (1
<>, 2
<>) don't mention it,
and the first indicates that food upkeep is 1 for these govs.

Did we make this up?
* The "three times as much" text came from me in patch #1390. I presume I was
just updating docs to match the ruleset, so we can't take that as intention.
* Going back, I think r11293
<> (when
effects were added) bumped it from 2 to 3, and that this was probably
* Going back further, upkeep=2 seems to have been deliberate; r4517
<> deliberately
changed it for Communism, and r3761
<> implemented
Fundamentalism in this state.

So I think we should at least reduce it to 2 (under a new ticket), and
possibly back to 1 (depending on whether we can find out what commercial Civ2

(I can see a possible game balance argument for having high settler upkeep, to
balance the military advantages of these governments, but the civ2 ruleset
isn't the place for such tweaks.)

> (Incidentally, if we are intentionally shipping rulesets with 
> upkeep 3, it's not ideal that the upkeep icon can only go up 
> to 2 -- I only noticed this by hovering over the unit icon to 
> get the upkeep numbers.)
Patch #3824 will address this limitation.


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