Follow-up Comment #7, bug #16164 (project freeciv):

Bombers mix two concepts that may affect autoattack:

1)  They are OneAttack units, which means that if they autoattack, they cannot
then either move or attack again, rendering the unit useless for human control
that turn.

2)  They are fueled units, which means that if they autoattack in such a way
that they cannot return to a refueling base, they will be destroyed at the end
of the turn.

    The combination is especially annoying, because if they do attack, since
they are OneAttack, they cannot return to base for fuel *unless* they happen
to have already been on a base when they attacked (attacking tile adjacent to
base) and they do not advance (occupychance=0, or the random number generator
favors the player).

    For fighters, or other fueled units that are not OneAttack, the main
consideration is whether they can return to a fueling point if they attack:
fueled units presumably should not automatically perform an action which  is
known will prevent them for refueling that turn (causing unit loss).  So a
fighter *might* autoattack, as long as there was a good chance that the result
of the attack would allow a return to base (even with occupychance=100). 
Since fighters start all turns at refueling points, and has movement far in
excess of vision, there's little reason for fighters *not* to autoattack,
unless they are fairly wounded, or have already fought a lot that turn and
need to stay put to get fuel.

    For helicopters, or other OneAttack units that are not fueled (but may
have other limitations, like hitpoint loss each turn), the main consideration
is the balance between denying the player manual choice over their action that
turn (in the case of helicopters, perhaps weakening
them) and providing automanagement of initiative for response to actions by
other players.  There's a decent argument that they should not autoattack
(because the player then has no choice about their action), but this same
argument might be applied to move_rate=1 units of other types (who are
OneAttack based on limited mobility, rather than explictly), which are the
units that most folk *do* want to auto-attack, so it's hard to code sensibly.

    For units that are both OneAttack and fueled, any autoattack on their last
turn of fuel is surely suicide, and it ought be a player decision to sacrifice
the unit, rather than a result of automatic action (unless one happens to like
playing a game where there is a strategy involved in denying opponents air
power by forcing auto-attacks on weak sacrifice units, but that is probably a
special case).  That said, if the unit happens to be on a refueling point at
the time of autoattack consideration, and has not yet attacked that turn, it
is not suicide, so may be worth consideration, as they player is unlikely to
want to move the unit again that turn (as it needs to be refueled, and this is
a good refueling point), but that is complicated by occupychance, which may
force them off the refueling point from the attack (which would then be


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