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>     I'll go with the bitvector for this then, and thanks for the pointer
> to cache code to make it not terribly expensive.  To make sure I
> understand,
> one would iterate over the road types, and then iterate over the
> (presumably
> smaller) bitvector of identified compatible roads in map.c, and would
> populate the cache bitvector in ruleset.c when loading the ruleset,
> which precached values would be sent to the client in the road packet (no,
> this isn't quite the same as hiders, but this needs to also be available
> on the server for the AI).

 I would implement it to construct the compatible road types lists
independently in the client end rather than send it over the wire, but
AFAICS it doesn't much matter which solution you take. Independent
construction would provide us more freedom to change the implementation
during network protocol freeze.

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